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Petite Breakfast Petite Breakfast

assorted mini muffins, mini Danish pastries, mini croissants filled with ham & cheese garnished with fresh fruit (2 pieces per person)


Scones & Sweetbread Scones & Sweetbread

a variety of plain, fruit & pumpkin scones together with an assortment of banana & pear & raspberry bread garnished with a splash of fruit served with jam & cream. (1 scone & 1/2 piece of sweetbread per person)


Savoury Croissant Platter Savoury Croissant Platter

Fresh Butter croissant filled with ham & cheese. cheese & tomato and turkey & brie cheese cut in half. (1 croissant per person)


Biscuits & Biscotti Platter Biscuits & Biscotti Platter

an assortment of Italian biscotti. Thomas Holt Roasters cookies & Belgium chocolate crunch garnished with a splash of fresh fruit. (1 1/2 pieces per person & include gluten-free options)


Macaroons Macaroons

A variety of mixed flavoured Macaroons serving 2 per person


Macaroon and Cookie Platter Macaroon and Cookie Platter

6 different Flavours of macaroon biscuits together with Thomas Holt Roadters array of cookies. (we recommend 2 pieces per person)


Cakes & Slices Cakes & Slices

Assorted cakes, tarts & gourmet slices from our sweets cabinet garnished with seasonal fresh fruit (1 1/2 tarts per person)


Bacon & Egg Panini and Scrambled Egg Vegetarian Wrap Combo Bacon & Egg Panini and Scrambled Egg Vegetarian Wrap Combo

freshly baked panini filled with fired egg & bacon and a tortilla wrap filled with scrambled egg, grilled button mushroom & grilled tomato with cracked pepper. (1 piece per person)


Mixed Petite Cup Cakes Mixed Petite Cup Cakes

an assortment including,strawberry petite, chocolate mud, rainbow, blackberry cheesecake, mango & coconut,carrot orange & nut.(1 cup cake per person)


Mixed Petite Tarts Mixed Petite Tarts

mini chocolate, coffee,lemon,strawberry & two fruit tart. (2 tarts per person).


Individual Breakfast & Afternoon Tea Fig, Nut & Grain Bar (ea)

(Gluten & dairy free)

BLT Panini
Bacon & Egg Panini
Bacon & Egg Wrap
Scrambled Egg Veg Wrap

Assorted Muffins
Deluxe Yoghurt Cups

Homemade compote & granola (available in dairy free & gluten free)

Chia Pot – (dairy free)

Chia seeds, coconut milk, strawberries, raspberries & coconut yoghurt

Chia Pot

Chia seeds, almond milk, yoghurt, granola & berries

Bacon & Fried Egg Zataar with BBQ Sauce
Fresh Fruit Skewers

Ham & Cheese Croissant
Banana Bread
Petite Fruit Salad Cup

Yoghurt Parfait Cups

(muesli, berry, passionfruit)

Gluten Free Muffins


Assorted Muffins Assorted Muffins

Homemade friands Homemade friands

Assorted fruit flavours with a moist almond base, chocolate, plum, lime or passionfruit


Mini Pastry Basket Mini Pastry Basket

Croissant filled with nutella, brie or fetta & herb danish, almond croissant (2 items per person)


Protein Health Balls Protein Health Balls

Chai seeds, coconut, cocco, protein powder & more… (e.a)Dairy free, paleo, gluten free, vegan, soy free & preservative free)


Orange Tea Cakes with Lemon Icing Orange Tea Cakes with Lemon Icing (ea)

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